• Reliable UV Germicidal Lamp Supplier
    Reliable UV Germicidal Lamp Supplier
    2020 New Ultraviolet Disinfection Lamp Ozone Sterilization Lamp
    with Remote Controller for Home, Hospital, School

We are E.s.t 2013

Why Us

As an experienced UV germicidal lamp & LED Lighting products supplier, we respond quickly and with good cooperate for the customer:

- Flexible product customization, OEM/ODM according to customer requirements.

- Most samples are available free of charge for you to test.

- A small quantity of MOQ for regular product trial orders.

- High-speed delivery time 7-15working days for regular orders.

About us

If you are looking for a wonderful UV germicidal lamp or LED lighting supplier, we will be your good choice in China. If you are a brand, we are here to be your professional manufacturer.  If you are in your wholesale business, and if you want to do your custom style or looking for a term who can help you to make the design for selection. We will be good friends and partner in China.



  • 4th Cuiyuan Road, Hetian, Houjie, Dongguan, Guangdong, China
  • +86-16607698453
  • export@ledlampsmfg.com
  • www.ledlampsmfg.com

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