T5 T8 20W 30W 40W UVC Sterilization Tube Light

T5 T8 20W 30W 40W UVC Sterilization Tube Light Ozone Type/ Ozone Free Type

Name: : UVC Tube Light
Model: : KT-UV-09
Origin: : Guangdong, China(Mainland)
Port: : Shenzhen Yantian Port|Guangzhou Whampoa Port
Incoterms: : EXW|FOB|CIF|DDU|CFR
Delivery: : 10-15days
Packaging: : Neutral box|Custom made color box
Transportation : Express|By air|By sea|Railage

General Information

VoltageAC110/ 220V
Size589mm/ 894mm/ 1198mm
Wavelength185nm/ 253.7nm
Radiation Area/
Tube MaterialHigh purity quartz glass
Lamp Holder MaterialCeramic
Wire Length/

Packing Information

Inner Box Size/
Carton Size/

Certificates & standards

ReportSterilization Test Report
CertificationCE, ROHS 


- The ultraviolet disinfection lamp can purify the air, eliminate mouldy odour, disinfect and sterilize, and remove mites. 

- In addition, it can generate a certain amount of ozone ion. Especially suitable for those who have no time air a quilt. 

- In public places, UV disinfection can also prevent some bacteria from spreading through the air or passing through objects.


- Home

- Kindergarten

- School

- Bedroom

- Restaurant

- Hospital 

- Farms


When using ultraviolet disinfection lamp, people and animals must leave the site! Long time contact with ultraviolet rays burns people's skin and eyes! After non-ozone ultraviolet disinfection, ventilation is required for 20-30 minutes.

When using ozone UV lamps, it is necessary to continue to close the door for more than 40 minutes after disinfection, and then open the door for entry after ventilation for 20-30 minutes.

Suggestion: do not directly irradiate the food; when disinfecting the bed, put the lamp on the bedside table or table instead of directly on the quilt sheet.


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